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Sterilization and Decontamination

DSCF2869Wherever possible we purchase disposable, single patient use materials. All our non-disposable equipment is fully sterilized by the most modern method available – dental instrument washer/disinfector and vacuum autoclave. All our instruments and handpieces are bagged and sealed prior to sterilization and opened at your chairside. When performing surgical procedures we follow hospital theatre sterilization protocol.

Advice Leaflets



All NHS treatments are carried out at current health service rates.
Private fees are dependant upon treatment involved. This is confirmed at consultation stage.
Our standard fee for 1st consultation or second opinion is £90 including OPG (correct Feb 2010)
Enhanced CT scans (supplied on disc) and advice available – £200

Frequently asked Questions

Are Dental Implants safe and how long will they last?
Implants are made from materials accepted by the tissues of the body. Present day implants, based on scientific evidence, have shown a very high success rate. Like natural teeth they will last for many years,as long as they are well looked after.

Does it hurt?
Only a minor operation is needed to place an implant. This is usually carried out with local anaesthetic. After the operation, most patients report minor discomfort similar to that associated with a simple tooth extraction. This is easily controlled by analgesics.

Is the treatment expensive?
The cost reflects the skill and training required for successful implants. The expense must, however, be evaluated against the extra quality of life that implants can produce. Your implant team will be able to advise on the cost in your particular case before you commence treatment.

Do I have to go without teeth during this time?
No. You can use your existing replacement teeth as soon as they can be worn comfortably. These can be used (with some modification if necessary) until your new teeth are ready.

How do I know if implants are right for me?
If you are in good health, whatever your age, and you have enough bone to support an implant, you are probably suitable. You will need to see your implant team who will check your medical history and examine your mouth and jaw. X-rays and models will be needed. We will then have the knowledge needed to assess your suitability for implants.

Do implants need special care?
Yes, Dental implants need as much care as your natural teeth. This involves thorough cleaning of the gum and the restoration associated. Your Dentist/Hygienist will advise you.

Are my medical records kept private and confidential?

You can be assured that our patients are treated with respect and confidentiality. As in any medical practice, all information about your visit is kept confidential. Your medical file is handled with the utmost respect for your privacy. Fortwilliam Clinic staff is bound by strict confidentiality requirements regarding your medical records.

Variations in treatment choices and financial considerations

The optimum plan for your situation will always be presented. In some circumstances, there may be alternatives that will achieve a satisfactory result to fit within a budget or time frame. Alternatively, treatment may be scheduled over an extended time frame. Some treatment plans may require financial flexibility depending on biological outcomes and hence treatment plan and financial decisions may be made at different time periods. Costs will be detailed prior to treatment. We are happy to discuss a range of methods for financing.