CT Scans

ctscansWe were the first dental practice in Northern Ireland to have a CT scanner.

With accurate imaging and measurement provided by CT scan, implants can be placed without the need for incisions or sutures meaning less swelling, bruising or pain. Placement of a dental implant is a highly sophisticated procedure. The more information your dental specialist has about the anatomy of your mouth before placement, the better the outcome. Important information includes the width and density of your bone in order to assess implant feasibility and the exact location of the alveolar nerve, in order to prevent nerve damage.

Traditional x-rays provide only a limited two-dimensional view. Although they show the height and contour of the bone, they give no information on the width and density of the bone and may distort the location of your alveolar nerve. 3D dental scanning takes all of the guesswork out of implant placement.

CT SCAN SERVICE for GDPs and Hospitals

We can supply a CT Scan on CD for GDPs and Clinics